Axle Replacements Lancaster, CA

Your vehicle's axle is the shaft responsible for helping your wheels rotate. Without it, you wouldn't have a core support system for your car – it connects the base of your car to its wheels. If you require axle repair in Lancaster, our team at Hi-Tech Auto Electric is fully equipped to provide axle diagnostic, replacement, and repair services.

Is My Axle Broken?

While it requires the expertise of a mechanic to determine if an axle is broken, there are a few signs that you might have a problem:

1. Your vehicle vibrates when you drive it
2. Your vehicle makes clanking noises when you're driving
3. Your car engine starts, but your vehicle won't move
4. There is grease leaking from your car

Can You Repair a Broken Axle?

As your axle is the core foundation of your car's wheels, it must be structurally capable. This means that if you have any significant problems with your axle, you won't be able to repair it. On the other hand, small issues, such as problems with CV joints, can still be fixed by an auto mechanic.

It's important for your axle to be inspected by a skilled mechanic. Avoiding core structural issues is critical if you want to remain safe on the road. Our Lancaster axle repair shop is fully equipped to identify problem spots in your axle.

Lancaster Axle Replacement Shop

Driving with a broken axle is extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, if there are significant issues present in your axle, it will require a full replacement. At Hi-Tech Auto Electric, we help our clients source and install affordable axles – we work with all major car brands. Get in touch if you need to learn more about axle replacements.

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If you're in desperate need of an axle assessment, our team at Hi-Tech Auto Electric is always here to help. We offer speedy axle repair and replacement services in Lancaster. Contact our team today if you'd like a free quote!