Brake and Lamp Lancaster, CA

If you're purchasing a salvaged car in California, the state's DMV will likely require a brake and lamp inspection to certify your brake and lamp systems are operating safely. At Hi-Tech Auto Electric, we provide Lancaster brake and lamp inspections and repairs to drivers throughout the city.

Our team of highly-trained auto mechanics is the perfect solution if you need a full-service inspection and repair partner.

Do I Need a Brake Inspection in Lancaster?

Even if you don't need a brake and lamp certification for the DMV, you might still need brake and lamp replacement in Lancaster. Let's explore some indicators that your brakes may require inspection:

1. Your dashboard's brake light is one
2. You feel scraping or vibrations when you brake
3. Your brake pedal feels soft or doesn't stop your car from braking
4. Your brakes are grinding
5. You notice fluid leaking from the bottom of your vehicle

Do I Need a Lamp Inspection in Lancaster?

Here are some common indicators that your lamps require a professional inspection:

1. Lamps not working
2. Lamps are dim
3. Lights flicker
4. Brake lights are unresponsive to driver pushing the brake pedal

Lancaster Brake and Lamp Repair Shop

Our team at Hi-Tech Auto Electric offers much more than traditional brake and lamp inspections – we can also provide immediate repairs if we identify any problems. Our repair shop stocks parts from all major car brands, so we're always ready to make timely and cost-effective repairs for our clients in Lancaster.

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Do you own a salvaged car in Lancaster that requires a brake and lamp inspection? If so, contact our team at Hi-Tech Auto Electric for a free quote. Our full-service inspection and repair service is the perfect solution if you want your car back on the road as quickly as possible.