Brake and Lamp Palmdale, CA

If you're purchasing a salvaged car in California, it will most likely require a brake and lamp inspection before you can drive it again. The DMV has strict rules regarding brake and lamp inspections – authorities want to ensure all cars have adequate safety measures in place. At Hi-Tech Auto Electric, our team of mechanics can provide brake and lamp inspections, repairs, and replacements.

Signs I Need a Brake Inspection

If your car isn't salvaged, you might still need a brake inspection. Here are some signs you should get a mechanic to assess your vehicle's brakes:

1. Your brake light is on
2. Vibration or scraping while braking
3. Fluid is leaking from the bottom of your car
4. Your brake pedal is soft or ineffective
5. Grinding noises coming from your brakes

Signs I Need a Lamp Inspection

Again, even if your car isn't salvaged, you might need an inspection. Here are some common indicators that you're having lamp problems.

1. Lights won't turn on
2. Dim lights
3. Flickering lights
4. Brake lights won't respond to brakes

Palmdale Brake and Lamp Repair Shop

While we're happy to provide brake and lamp inspections for salvaged cars, we also offer traditional repair services to our clients in Palmdale. If you have any problems with your brakes or lamps, our team is uniquely equipped to make on-the-spot repairs. We carry parts from all major car brands, so we offer both repair and replacement services to our clients.

Palmdale Brake and Lamp Servicing

If you want to avoid the cost of brake and lamp replacement or repair, servicing can help. By servicing your brakes and lamps, you can reduce the chances of large-scale repairs. At Hi-Tech Auto Electric, we partner with clients in Palmdale to ensure their brakes and lamps are adequately serviced throughout the lifetime of their vehicles.

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Our team of mechanics at Hi-Tech Auto Electric is licensed, insured, and ready to help you fix your brake and lamp problems. If you're searching for a mechanic that prioritizes your time and money, we're the top choice in Palmdale. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.