Brake repair services

When it comes to safety in your vehicle, your brakes are one of the most important systems in your car.  It's essential that you follow your car's recommended maintenance schedule to keep your brakes in top working order by replacing the parts that wear out. When your brakes are giving you trouble, get them checked immediately with us. With our BrakeSaver services, we can help keep your car safe and up to code. We'll make sure your car works properly when it really matters.

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We are a Certified RMS (Rotor Matching Service) Center, meaning that we have the additional training, the most modern equipment, and have fully integrated rotor matching into our brake service process in order to provide you with the finest brake services possible.

Are your brakes noisy or shaking?
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Brake Saver
Hi-Tech Auto will check your vehicle from bumper to bumper. We are a licensed smog test facility, an official brake & lamp inspection site. We do computer diagnostics and can check your emissions, electrics, and more.

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