CV Joints Lancaster, CA

If you own a vehicle, it's critical that your CV joints are in good condition if you want your car to operate efficiently. CV joints allow the driveshaft to transfer power without increasing friction. You'll find CV joints at the front of most front-wheel-drive cars.

As with any auto part that experiences constant use, CV joints will eventually wear down. You can expect to get at least 60,000 miles out of a CV joint, but some last much longer. At Hi-Tech Auto Electric, we provide CV joint repair and replacement services to our clients in Lancaster.

Signs There's an Issue with Your CV Joints

If you notice any of the indicators below, you might have a problem with your CV joint:

1. Clicking noise when you turn your vehicle
2. Clicking noise when you accelerate your vehicle
3. Clicking noise when your slow down your vehicle

If you're not a mechanic, it can be impossible to diagnose a CV joint issue. At Hi-Tech Auto Electric, we provide full-service diagnostic assessments to all clients – it's the perfect way to find the root cause of any auto issue.

Lancaster CV Joint Repair Shop

While it's impossible to repair a failed CV joint without replacing it, there are instances where other auto parts are causing your CV joint issues. We'll inspect your car and determine the true cause of your problems. In some cases, it can be as simple as repairing the boot that surrounds the CV joint.

Lancaster CV Joint Replacement Shop

In most cases, if you're experiencing serious CV joint issues, the part has already failed. If this is the case, you will need to replace the entire CV joint. At Hi-Tech Auto Electric, we can fix one or both of your CV joints at the same time. We always stock parts for all major car brands in the United States, so you'll never be kept waiting for a replacement.

We Never Charge for CV Joint Repair Quotes

At Hi-Tech Auto Electric, we never charge our Lancaster clients for CV joint replacement or repair quotes. If you have any questions about CV joints or our auto repair services, contact our team. We're always happy to speak with potential clients!