Shocks & Struts Lancaster, CA

Shocks and struts play an integral role in your vehicle's suspension system. By absorbing energy and weight, shocks and struts allow your vehicle to cushion your movements on the road. These are much-needed auto parts if you drive on rough terrain.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need both shocks and struts – your vehicle will be fitted with one or the other. At Hi-Tech Auto Electric, we have expertise with both shocks and struts. If you need help repairing any component of your suspension system, we're here to help!

Signs You Need Shocks & Struts Repair or Replacement

Below, let's explore some common indicators that your shocks or struts are facing problems:

1. Strange tire wear (on either side)
2. Your vehicle dips in a particular direction
3. Your vehicle feels unstable when you drive at high speeds
4. Your front-end dives when you brake
5. Your car's rear-end dips when you accelerate
6. You notice fluid leakage on shocks or struts

Lancaster Shocks & Struts Repair Shop

Have you noticed any of the issues mentioned above? If so, bring your car to our auto shop for a full suspension inspection. If you need shocks and struts repair, we can help you fix the problem. We offer Lancaster's most affordable suspension repair service.

Lancaster Shocks & Struts Replacement Shop

If your struts or shocks have failed, we can install new suspension system parts. Our team's expertise ensures we have access to the auto industry's top shocks and struts. We can help you restore your car's performance without any additional hassle!

We Offer Free Quotes to All Lancaster Drivers

Are you ready to fix or replace your car's shocks and struts? If so, contact our team at Hi-Tech Auto Electric. Our unique expertise in vehicle suspension systems means we're the best shocks and struts mechanic in Lancaster. We offer free quotes to all potential clients!